There are some feedbacks we have regarding the Pipedrive CRM that we think could help all users

  1. Don't include the "Deal" word in every deal that is made. 
  2. Referring to the point above, we wish to have the possibility to set a predefined value for the deal name, because we have marked some fields as "important" such as company name, contact person etc. So we would want to set this up in our preferences, that the deal name should be the {Company name} of the deal company. 
  3. Our Pipedrive is set to Swedish, but some of our functions are only in English, which prevents us from using these in our emails or on our website, such as the scheduling template or the Lead Booster, because the visitors will respond to our activities as Spam because of the bilingual interference. Unfortunately this results to a decrease in sales activity because of the lack of usage of these great functions that PipeDrive has developed. 
    Solution: I am born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, and I study to get a engineering degree in computer science in KTH(Royal Institute of Technology) in Sweden, therefore I can assure you that I can the provide the Pipedrive team that is responsible for these language settings with correct Swedish grammar with an solid academical base. This would help all of the companies that use Pipedrive in Sweden, and I would be more than glad to provide this to PipeDrive. We have serious thoughts about becoming a PipeDrive Partner in Sweden to help our customers increase their revenue and sales using Pipedrive CRM. Webicient would therefore be more than happy to help you provide the Swedish texts for free, or maybe a couple months of free credit (just kidding). This would be great for the platform.

    Future solution: Create the possibility for us users to create or edit different titles, headers, texts for all the standardised content in all the features, so we can customise these functions to have texts in Swedish instead. 

So... @Sergei Anikin  What do you say? Can we set up a video conference to further discuss these features? Promise you that PipeDrive won't regret this ;) Once this is done we will be more closer to joining the Pipedrive partner program to help Swedish companies register themselves to this CRM system, which I personally love!