Is there a way to SCHEDULE a single email yet?

Mario Fachini
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Is there a way to SCHEDULE a single email yet?

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    Hi @Mario Fachini !

    You can set up email automations and drip campaigns using our newest set of features by Mailigen - create a free account here and see what you think. Expect more news on how Mailigen and Pipedrive will work seamlessly together in the coming times. 😉

    I can also tell you that we've been working to add the option for "time-delay" in Workflow Automations, which should be coming soon. Join our Research and Beta Testing channel to be the first to know what we're working on and for the chance to try out early versions of new and improved features.

    Hope that helps!
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    Hi @Mario Fachini ,

    Yes, you can schedule the right time to send your emails using Klenty which is an email automation platform that helps sales teams send personalized emails and automate follow-up at scale.  

    You can use Klenty's delivery window to schedule your emails. When you use the delivery window and schedule days, emails for the campaign will only be sent during the days/hours you have set. At the end of the delivery window, any remaining emails will be rescheduled to the start of the next delivery window.

    For example, if your schedule is set 9AM to 5PM, Monday-Friday, emails that are not yet sent at 5PM on Friday will be rescheduled to start sending at 9AM the following Monday.

    Set the hours to send out the emails
    Schedule the days as well. If you don't want this, you can skip

    Klenty has tight integration with Pipedrive with which you can create advanced workflows to send automated email campaigns at the right time and ramp up your productivity. 

    I hope this helps you. 

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