In search of someone who can help organize 7,000 contacts and 22,000 emails from our Google. We hav

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In search of someone who can help organize 7,000 contacts and 22,000 emails from our Google. We have 18 listings another 20 prospective listings, about 1,000 prospective buyers who have inquired on those listings. We have never set up any automations. The only things we have done is synced our google calendars and email accounts. :( We're in pretty bad shape in more ways than one. I figure we need to change something or quit paying for things we are not using. So, to prioritize,

1. I need help to organize the 22,000+ emails (gmails that are synced with PipeDrive) so that we can create deals linking the prospective buyers to the listings they're inquiring about.

2. Someone to help set up Actions or automatons to have a smooth flow of communication between those prospective buyers, our clients (Sellers), and our agents (3 of us).

3. Someone to help integrate our marketing sites (our website, LinkedIn, LoopNet/CoStar, BizBuySell, FaceBook...) into our flow.

I have paid into PipeDrive for years and have almost nothing to show for it. No Deals, the 3 agents in my firm have barely used the system.



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    Hi @Dean Burnette 

    Sorry to hear that you haven't been able to get the full value out of Pipedrive yet with your team. However, I'm sure that when you get yourself organized, set up automations and log your data properly in the tool it will do wonders for you.

    My best suggestion is to post right here in this topic where you can find people the could offer you their services:

    I hope you'll find the help, get organized and can start selling with your team!

    P.S. for such a long question I advice to use the "post" option next time on this community. This way your can better formulate the question with a title and body, etc..
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    Hi Dean

    We are experts in pipedrive integrations :

    And surely can help you with anytype of integration as well as automation

    You can directly email me at
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    Dean, my company provides administrative and marketing support. I'm happy to chat with you about your needs to see if it is a match. Below is my booking link for a general conversation and my website. Or you call me at 704-910-2736 x3. Warmly, Denise

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    Dean I may be able to help. I do consulting work on the side and hace set of full automation with Pipedrive and other tools several companies, including our current investment firm. Happy to chat and see if there's a fit. Please reach out here
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    Hi Dean, I bet there are a lot of people in your situation. You got this!

    One thing I find super helpful is watching a YouTube video on the Pipedrive YouTube channel everyday. ( )You should make a concerted effort to get to know Pipedrive as best you can. Consider subscribing and visiting the channel every day.

    Then, break the problem down into chucks. I find the most painful problems need to be broken down into smaller bite sized pieces or you will never make any progress... Make it more manageable and don't beat yourself up.

    Then, after 2 or 3 months, you will have a pretty good pile of accomplishments to look back on!
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    Great advice @Andy Johnson thanks for sharing! @Dean Burnette if you enjoy the Youtube channel, check out the Academy as well:
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    Hi Dean,

    I’m the CEO/co-founder of a podcast company, not a consultant, but I felt moved to give you a different way to look at the problem.  We use Pipedrive throughout our company for a number of years very successfully, even today (maybe especially today).  Here are some thoughts for you to consider:

    • Automations won’t save you, pipelines will.  Your business seems to be generating leads from a number of sources but if you want your agents to follow a particular pattern (welcome email, followed by a phone call if there’s a number, followed by this or that action), you can easily design that pipeline in Pipedrive.  If you have different types of leads that require a different set of actions, just create separate pipelines.  It’s easy to create them and your team can click and drag “cards” (the leads, known in Pipedrive as “deals”) from one action to the next so that they and you can see how each “deal” is progressing to a close.  

    • How many pipelines can you have?  As many as you need.  We have 18 of them.  My company has three divisions, so it’s about 6 pipelines for each division.  We use three-letter codes to denote the division to which the pipeline belongs.  For example, we have a division called StartAPod, so those pipelines start with the letters 'SAP'; another division is called PodSearch, so each of those pipelines begin with 'POD', etc.  This way, when each user pulls down the drop-down of pipelines to know where to put a lead, they can see the appropriate one at a glance.

    • You have mentioned integrations of marketing sites and that’s OK, but it won’t make much difference if your agents don’t have an easy way to manage the leads from those marketing sites. Pipedrive can do that.

    • Note:  If agent “A” is not able to move a deal along (because they have too many or they are busy with other projects), you or they can easily transfer ownership of the deal to another team member.  I do this all the time.

    • Make it a practice to input fresh leads into PipeDrive immediately and take action on those right away.  If you have a lead form (web form), you can have someone develop a basic API to populate the “deal record”.  In my experience, not every field in that record will be complete, so team members will need to look at each one and make sure it’s complete.

    • Bottom line:  those 22,000 emails you have been fretting over are probably dead leads.  My suggestion is to move on.  In sales, as you probably know, lead quality diminishes with time.  Just build a new set of pipelines and you’ll be good to go.

    There are so many cool features of PipeDrive:

    • You can see the elapsed days from the start of a deal - here are just a few:

    • When you mark an action (like a phone call or email) complete, the system pops up immediately with a question: “what’s your next step?”  Well, it doesn’t say that exactly but it’s a prompt to let the user know that a deal isn’t closed until it’s closed and it needs attention with some type of action to get it there.  It pushes you along the deal path to plan the next action step.

    • It tracks emails automatically, so you can see in the deal record all communication which is important if multiple team members are on a deal.

    • When you’ve given up on a deal (and, let’s face it, most of them will not work out), you should encourage your agents to mark them as “lost”.  It’s no fun but it will clear out your dashboard and let you focus on more current/hotter leads.

    I know this all sounds like a lot of work but in our business, we’ve seen a 300% average ROAS (return on ad spend) since using it along with our marketing efforts for the last 2.5 years.  I can’t imagine running our divisions without it.  Don’t give up on PipeDrive!  You will be rewarded.