Would You like an activity to be able to attach a file/document?

Martin Pfeiffer
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Would You like an activity to be able to attach a file/document?
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  • Mike van der Valk
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    @Martin Pfeiffer and others who voted, can you explain the use case why you'd need this?
  • Martin Pfeiffer
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    @Mike van der Valk , we are dealing with lots of paperwork, permits, insurances, dozens of renewals and it would always useful to attach related documents to these tasks for better reference. THX
  • Kevin Gamper
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    There may an Exel file with information associated with the Activity.
  • Hiranthi Herlaar
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    A more specific use-case: when files can be attached to specific activities, tattoo artists can attach reference material, their sketches etc. to a specific meeting activity.

    While files can be attached to a person/deal, to get to those files from the activity, they need to click through to the person / deal. Which can be distracting/overwhelming for the tattoo artists that merely want to see the info related to the specific appointment (meeting) and someone else is responsible for managing the rest within Pipedrive.

    In the API and at Zapier etc. it's mentioned that files can be attached to activities as well. But apparently that isn't available for regular users of Pipedrive (yet?). Which is a shame, because Pipedrive practically meets all the needs and wants of a client of mine, but not being able to add the files to a specific activity has a high risk of being a dealbreaker for them.
  • Bec
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    We would be very useful to be able to add attachment files to activities. It's urgently required and for us, that I'm looking at other CRMs.
  • Steven Pamensky
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    Really require this feature, we take notes during client site visits and need ability to upload the files into the activity
  • GeorgW
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    Hello everyone, are there any updates on this yet? We would also be very happy if it would be possible to clamp attachments to an activity.

    We organize all our appointments via activities (even the external ones) and would like to be able to attach a document to an appointment, just like to a mail.

  • TX Wildman
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    For me, it would be VERY VERY VERY helpful....did I mention it would be helpful? :-)

    For activities, like meetings, I use notes, pictures, sometimes spreadsheets and other word docs. What I currently do is type a link to my google drive document as a work-around for now.....but many other CRMs offer this function and I also am using ClickUp for task management and for this same function. It would be great if I could use Pipedrive for my task/event management as well. I tried the "projects" module, but it didn't have what I needed. Please update this function soon......I've worked with CRMs for years since the days of Salesforce first becoming a Internet Explorer concept idea and I know this configuration change is fairly simple to deploy. I'd be happy to help your CRM admins with ideas and use cases to configure and deploy this and other enhancements 👍️

  • Josh Monifi
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    Just had someone ask about this, so yes we would like to be able to do it, too. They also said they would use the app for this, so if we could do it via the app, then even better!