Curious if anyone else would like to see the new "Documents" feature able to upload PDF documents?

Curious if anyone else would like to see the new "Documents" feature able to upload PDF documents?
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  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Nathan Estrada do you mean that you can upload a PDF or that the document created in Pipedrive will have an option to be saved as a PDF?
  • Michael Girgis
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    That would be great , especially how we have built in programs in our current PDFs for currency

  • Phil_24929
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    To be honest I'm amazed it doesn't do this already! The majority of our sales docs - case studies, factsheets etc are PDFs...

  • Miranda Ilechukwu
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    Yes please: one spot for uploaded files on a deal: either in "Files" or in "Documents."  It makes it much easier for our sales team to look in one place rather than two.  It also eliminates the risk of duplicated or even missed documents.

  • Miranda Ilechukwu
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    Actually, both of your options would be helpful! Uploading a PDF would be a basic feature: by driving users towards the Smart Docs module with eSignatures, it creates a clunky user experience: our sales consultants need to switch between tabs based on whether a document was created in Word or not. So, being able to upload a PDF to Documents (SharePoint, etc.) instead of using the "Files" tab, would keep everything in one place and simplify the user experience.

    As for the latter suggestion, I'd just like to see the eSignature result automatically saved into the folder. As it stands, we would have to manually download the PDF and save it into the SharePoint folder. It would be ideal to just save the signed final PDF right into the same place where the doc originated.
  • Brad Krause_13404
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    I think the purpose of the feature is more focused around creating custom docs with merge fields rather than a place to hold collateral sales docs. For that couldn't you just create an email template with a PDF attached to it?