Who here Needs a Gantt chart for their Projects with in deals? A way for each project to have its ow

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Who here Needs a Gantt chart for their Projects with in deals? A way for each project to have its own Gantt chart but then also all projects in the deals could flow to a the MAIN Gantt chart which could be in the Calendar area and you could get a quick overview of all deals slash projects timeframes and what's overlapping each other and such and such and such.
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  • Mike van der Valk
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    @Zachariah Garrison great question. We're working on a project management area in Pipedrive and Gantt has been mentioned before. We don't have anything live yet but join this channel to get the latest on it: https://community.pipedrive.com/group/project-management-delivery-management
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    I would love to see a gantt chart. Is this still in the plans for the future? how long is this away?
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    Love the idea of a gantt chart. Would be really helpful for Real Estate as a lot goes into our listings before we ever get to the market.

  • Adrian King
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    We use TeamGantt for our project management, which is awesome. It helps us visualise and communicate project plans to clients and our team. And I've tried lots of them, and TeamGantt is my fave by far.

    In Pipedrive's Projects, I can create most of what I need for project management, except for the Gantt chart. The core most useful feature of Gantt chart type apps that Pipedrive projects does not have, is 'task dependencies', making it impractical to use Pipedrive for my projects. Here's why...

    Currently every task in Pipedrive Projects is relative to project start date. If a task slips due to client delays for example, it's a very fiddly and error prone process to update all the task 'due by dates' one by one in Pipedrive Projects.

    Gantt chart applications with dependencies can automatically update the entire schedule when one task slips (or gets done early). That is a hugely beneficial feature that is not currently in Pipedrive Projects, which in my view is essential for project management. It's worth noting that there are also several methods to handle auto-updating of scheduled tasks if something changes and some people might prefer to manually adjust the Gantt chart to fix issues that happen from slippage, and others might just want it to automatically re-arrange task start/end dates. TeamGantt does a great job of giving options for handling this.

    By the way I am not affiliated with TeamGantt - just a paying use and a fan :)

    Also, we use baselines for our schedules. This is a very useful feature that allows us to store a snapshot of a project schedule at a certain date, and then compare our schedule as it changes with the baseline (older versions of the schedule). Scheduled start/end dates of tasks always change throughout the life of a project. This is helpful for us to understand how a project schedule has evolved, and see what tasks and assignees are responsible for it (team members or clients for example).

    I think it's potentially possible for Pipedrive to create the task dependency feature without needing to create a full visual Gantt chart. Just doing the dependency feature would be a great help for the above reasons. But the Gantt chart really helps visualise all that in ways that a table view would find limiting, and provides an intuitive means of editing the schedule (dragging the ends of the tasks in the chart) and seeing how it affects the rest of the schedule.

    The ability to export a PDF of schedules is very useful too.

    Something I love about Pipedrive Projects is the ability to see the overview of all projects in 'Phases' in both Kansan and table view. This is gold!! But without task dependencies, Pipedrive Projects is a sophisticated set of 'To Do' lists.

    I hope Pipedrive does dependencies, baselines and Gantt charts. I would be able to do all my project management in here. And then if Pipedrive adds similar reporting stuff it does for sales to projects, it will be a killer platform! Full life-cycle... Marketing, Sales, Production all under one roof! Pipedrive's roof :)

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    It doesn't even have to be a Gantt for me -- I would settle for any kind of within-project view that's more useful than a list (e.g. that shows tasks against time -- a Gantt, or a calendar view)(and/or why on earth isn't there a Kanban view within the project)? I agree that with its current functionality, Pipedrive Projects is just a set of "To Do" lists, not an actual project management tool.