Here’s how to create accurate buyer personas for your customer journey

Will Sigsworth
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Customers are more than just account numbers – they have their own goals, concerns, motivations and roadblocks. 

If you don’t already have buyer personas in place, now’s the time to establish them.

Suppose you sell accounting software to small businesses. You’ll want to record relevant demographic and firmographic information to ensure you’re targeting and talking to the right people.

Details include:

  • Where they’re based
  • What industry they work in
  • How many people they work with
  • How much they or their company earns

However, you’ll also need to know the why. For example, say you work for a company that develops and sells accounting software. 


  • Why do they want to buy accounting software? 
  • Why would they choose your solution over the competition? 
  • Why is it a priority now? 

Go beyond the obvious “to manage their accounting” and try to uncover the underlying motivations.

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