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Bjørn-Henning Opheim
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I would love to have a list of all the products that has been sold trough deals to be show on the organisation. Then we could easily see what kind of products the org. has bought and what we need to have support on. Maybe some of the products need to have an SLA or warranty on them. You are working on a support system also, and this might come in handy for that.

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  • Don Glasgow
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    Yes - this would be extremely helpful for account managers to quickly understand the account at a glance, without having to click 3-4 times for each deal, especially for larger accounts.

  • Vladimir Vala
    Vladimir Vala Member Posts: 10
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    Please Pipedrive add this. Its really needed.

    Or at least let us know when. Thanks very much


  • Amanda
    Amanda Member Posts: 1
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    This would be extremely helpful for our company too in order to maintain the audit estate.

    It would also really help if you were able to input the cost price as well as the sell price, and the margin too - and be able to see these in a custom view from the product page in order to export all of that information when needed. I have suggested this to support and they have passed on my comments, but hopefully others will also feel this would be of benefit in order to expedite :-)