[CLOSED] Looking for Beta testers for our new Recurring Activities feature

Daniel Picon
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Hello everyone!

We have started to gradually release the new Recurring Activities feature for our customers that are using Google Calendar sync. If you’d like to get this feature turned on already and be one of our early adopters please let us know.

What are Recurring Activities?

Recurring activities are activities that can be repeated on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis with an end date or without.

Google Calendar has its version of recurring events, this feature will sync both ways with Google’s recurring events.

Early adopters

The first users will receive access to the live feature as soon as you let us know. We are interested in getting early feedback about it, so as part of the process, we will reach out to early adopters to ask for feedback after trying out the functionality. We are interested in knowing about your experience, comments or propositions. 

Who are we looking for?

  • Users who use recurring events on Google calendar and would like to have these synced in Pipedrive as recurring activities or vice versa.
  • Users with active Google Calendar sync who are interested in trying recurring activities
  • Users who would like to have the actual recurring events synced over instead of grayed out blocks in Pipedrive

If you are interested in getting access to this feature before we finish the full rollout, let us know in this form.



  • Jeff Farrick
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    I get a "You need permission" message when trying to use the form. I'd like this feature very much.


  • Im ready to test it please :)

  • Anish Patel
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    @Daniel, I am very interested but have some questions on behavior that would help me decide if I can safely test now. And, regardless, these are probably good use cases for the Product team to be aware of in testing.

    1. Will this support existing recurring events (i.e., weekly 1:1s that are already created on my Google Calendar now become recurring events)? Or, does it only apply to newly created recurring events?
    2. If I'm interpreting the "sync both ways" comment correctly, a recurring event I create in Google Calendar OR that I accept in Google Calendar (i.e., someone else sent me a recurring invite) will show up correctly in Pipedrive Calendar/Activities, right?
    3. What happens to the old "greyed out blocks in Pipedrive"?
      1. I have cases where old recurring event that have flooded my Pipedrive calendar with grey blocks. Some of those events have been completed deleted in Google Calendar, but they still show as grey blocks in Pipedrive. Will this integration re-introduce those recurring events onto my Google Calendar (that would be bad)?
      2. And, particularly if those events had participants/customers, can you ensure those 3rd parties won't get a flood of old invites from me (that would be very bad)!?
      3. I previously had Pipedrive synced with a Microsoft backend (so, O365 Cal integration). That account has been decommissioned and I am now on a Google backend. Is there any risk of the recurring grey blocks from the old Microsoft O365 showing up in my Google calendar!? (that would be bad)
    4. What happens to completed activities when someone deletes a recurring series?
      1. I might have a weekly customer meeting invite (sent by a client to me) without an end date (i.e., activity in Pipedrive). When our work is completed, the client might just delete the whole series, removing the old meetings from my Google Calendar. In this case, would those old, completed activities also get wiped out in Pipedrive?
  • @Jeff Farrick Can you try again?

  • @Anish Patel Thanks for the comments, I signed you up.

    1. Very good question, we start fetching only future events and with recurring events only those created within this time range (sync start time, sync start time + 2years.) But I do see the point of wanting to sync ongoing occurrences within a recurring event created in the past.
    2. Both will show up as recurring activities.
    3. abc. If the sync is already active and we enable the recurring activities feature for your account, in this case we don't do anything with the existing activities unless you modify them in Pipedrive. So no invites are sent and no existing recurring activities from Microsoft calendar will reappear in google calendar.
    4. Yes, if the event scheduled by the client, meaning client is the organizer and is deleted with 'all' recurrence mode then yes, it will be removed from Pipedrive too.

    Very thankful for your questions, I shared them with the team and we are keeping these scenarios under consideration.

  • Bernd Auer
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    @Daniel Picon_191 I already tested it without the calendar sync! Does exactly what it should do :-) I can't wait to test it with synch!

  • Lucas MAGNE
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    Ready to use it !

  • Jeff Farrick
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    @Daniel Picon_191, I just submitted a form, but it said that my email was "not being shared as part of the form" or something like that, so IDK how you'd know it's me. Either way, looking forward to trying it

  • Anish Patel
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    @Daniel Picon_191 should the functionality be live on my account already? Because, if so, it doesn't appear to be working, even after logging out, clearing cache, logging back in.

  • @Anish Patel Thanks for asking, we will release this beta to all users are interested within the next week, I will keep you posted on this thread.

    @Jeff Farrick Thanks for letting me know, fixed :)

  • Emma Melling
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    PLease could this Beta feature be added to our account? That would be fantastic