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I love the way Pipedrive organises Activities and how it visualises current, overdue and future tasks. However I get asked a lot by clients if theres a way to set an urgency me there isnt really the best workaround for this unless you type urgent somewhere in the activity.

Is it possible to use the same red, green and grey light scheme but for priorities please? Even if the date is in 2 weeks time, the task itself may be more urgent than something needed sooner.


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  • RJ94
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    This would be extremely useful - even if you could BOLD any activities that are urgent / high priority?

  • Definitely! Or allow us to create a new "label" field when creating or editing an activity? Thanks!

  • Beth D
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    I would definitely like to see this! In may opinion, this is an important missing feature!

  • Beth D
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    As I wait for this feature, I did find a work-around that seems to be working for me. I added the "notes" column to the activity view and moved it next to the activity name, then in the notes section of each activity, I've added "high priority," "medium priority," "low priority" etc. This allows me to easily see the priorities and I can sort them alphabetically so they are all lumped together. It's not perfect, but it works for now. Hope this helps someone!

  • Lucas MAGNE
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    Could be really well !

    Today, we are using some "other solution" to do that as "!" in front of the actvity subject.

    One filter to have all the activity with just one "!"

    Another filter with two "!!". And a last one for emergencies activities "!!!"