Report Activities with long notes

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Hello there,

we are supporting customers over a time frame of 7-13 months. We support private customers for our business partners. A deal is the customer experience of a private customer over the given time frame. Part of the support is done with little questionnaires that are filled in in pipedrive activity notes. The documentations are sometimes long and always formated. Unfortunately I do not find a good way to export these activities.

From time to time our business partners ask us for a complete activity history of a certain deal. It would be enough to print the Deal page and send it to them, but the font gets so small that they give me bad feedback. When I export the data to Excel it is with HTML tags and needs to be formated manually. Sometimes the notes are so big that even the cell won't show them in total.

Does anyone know a good app on the market place that could help out? I already asked the support but they had no solution for me.