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Hello there,

we are supporting customers over a time frame of 7-13 months. We support private customers for our business partners. A deal is the customer experience of a private customer over the given time frame. Part of the support is done with little questionnaires that are filled in in pipedrive activity notes. The documentations are sometimes long and always formated. Unfortunately I do not find a good way to export these activities.

From time to time our business partners ask us for a complete activity history of a certain deal. It would be enough to print the Deal page and send it to them, but the font gets so small that they give me bad feedback. When I export the data to Excel it is with HTML tags and needs to be formated manually. Sometimes the notes are so big that even the cell won't show them in total.

Does anyone know a good app on the market place that could help out? I already asked the support but they had no solution for me.



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    Hi @Mario_21829 - You can set up a data pipeline using Coupler and build a dashboard using a BI solution like Google Data Studio or Tableau.

    If you have any other questions or need further help, please don't hesitate to reach out.


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    Hi @Mario_21829

    I see that has already been mentioned and I want to second that. For instance, with it you can export your entire activity history from Pipedrive to store it neatly in Excel or G-Sheets. The extracted data will have the Deal's ID and Title, File information, and many more data points, which will allow you to search for the complete activity history of a certain deal by using filters and then share with your partners. 

    You can even create specific Pipedrive filter views and export activity data relevant to specific partners when you need by specifying the filter in

    Hope my reply will help you :)

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    Thanks so much for sharing this @Amit Sarda ( and @Anna_Gogol (and thanks for asking this @Mario_21829)!

    A question for you, if I may... Do you know if it's possible to export all the activities (in detail, including the content of Notes and Emails) from a Deal and/or Contact — i.e. just one Deal and/or Contact at a time?

    Thanks in advance for your help! 🙏

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    Hi @MC - I would suggest considering building a data pipeline using Coupler. You can then build the reports from Google Sheets using Tableau, or Looker Studio, or even Google Sheets. You can read more about building a data pipeline for Pipedrive in this article.

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    Thanks for your reply @Amit Sarda (! Do you know the answer to my question re is it possible to export all the activities from *just one* Deal and/or Contact at a time? The *just one* aspect was the crux of my question (the other information is useful though, thank you).

    Some additional context (and a reply from Coupler support)...

    On I asked them this in the chat widget: "Hi there. Can Coupler pull the content of Pipedrive Deal activities such as Notes and Emails (as well as what is listed on i.e. "activity's id and type, due date and time, subject, organization's id and name, person's id and name, deal's id and title, file information, and others."

    Any suggestions for how we might be able to achieve this? We just need to export it *one record* (e.g. one Deal) at a time, not across the entire account. Thanks in advance for your help! ~MC"


    Their excellent detailed reply was this:

    Hi there,

    Thank you for getting in touch!

    I'm afraid the content of the activities is not returned by Pipedrive API for the Deals data entity. The activities' IDs, types, dates, etc, are returned, but their content isn't present, unfortunately.

    However, for the "Activities" data entity - the column "note" is returned:

    Could you let me know if that's the information you'd like to link to Deals?

    If so - you may achieve that following these steps:

    1) Set up separate importers for Deals and Activities and import data to different sheets with each importer;

    2) Create a 3rd sheet where you'll combine data from the first 2 sheets using FILTER or VLOOKUP Google Formulas, referencing the deal ID or the activity ID column, that is available both for "Deals" and "Activities" data entities.

    Here's a template example we have on combining data from different entities (it is an example for Hubspot, but the logic is the same for any data source):

    (Please copy it to your Gdrive in order to see used formulas)

    Here are also a couple of articles we have with tips on how to reference data between sheets if needed:

    Please let us know if we may help you with anything further!

  • Amit Sarda (

    If you'd like to discuss this in more detail, please book a call:

  • Amit Sarda (

    Also, please check my response in the other thread.

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    Hi again @Amit Sarda ( you'll see my reply now over in Is there a way to export all the activities/notes/emails of a deal? — Pipedrive Community.

    I'll book a time to discuss this in the coming days. In the meantime, this was my reply to the Coupler email (to give you further context to understand our requirements):

    Thank you so much for your detailed and helpful reply Alina! 

    I really appreciate it.

    Our ideal requirements here include:

    • Overall: Ability to export a 'dossier' of all comms from a Deal
    • Or...export from one or more Persons who were the contacts related to the Deal (e.g. the prospective client and the referrer) during a specified period of time (to approximate what the comms export from a Deal would contain, if that was made possible by the Pipedrive API, which it isn't as per your comment).
    • By the way, other Pipedrive users would love this ability too — see this Pipedrive Community post: Is there a way to export all the activities/notes/emails of a deal?
    • If Coupler provided a template to facilitate this, I'm sure there would be plenty of demand for it.
    • From within Activities:
    • — Notes contents and metadata [Your email mentioned this can be pulled for the "Activities" data entity]
    • — Activity contents and metadata
    • — Calls metadata
    • — Email message subjects (and ideally also email body contents)
    • —Files metadata (and ideally also a download of the files)
    • —Documents metadata (and ideally also a download of the files)

    Summing up: For regulatory compliance reasons (in our industry in our country) we want a detailed record of all comms in relation to an "appointment" (new client project) a.k.a. a Deal. Often our pre-appointment (a.k.a. sales) process involves comms with multiple people (e.g. initially with prospective client's accountant or lawyer, and then eventually with the client directly).

    I hope that use case makes sense.

    Which data points (to how much detail) can we pull from the wishlist above?

    Thanks in advance for your help, again!