Request for Including the note content field in the insights report section

Rifa Tasmim
Rifa Tasmim Member Posts: 1

It will be really convenient if you could add the Notes field in the Report section. It helps us to visualise the Notes along with the other data fields such as update time, next steps , deal value etc.

For Generating report note content should be added in the insights report section. Exporting the notes or individually checking the note is not feasible . Please look in to this matter.

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  • Karlis Sens
    Karlis Sens Member Posts: 1
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    Yep, this would be such a simple, yet useful feature. As sometimes there are just some details that you have to remember about the insights and having to keep notes separately and then remembering where you put them is just burdensome.

  • Stokes
    Stokes Member Posts: 1
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    When I am prepping to go into the staff meeting it would be helpful to review my entered notes form the previous week by customer or by contact. It also helps me look at the notes on a customer or contact before I go in to see them. I use PD as my memory. I need a good system to get all those last few notes I just put in to the system back out. You give us a way to recorded it and that is fantastic but I need to be able to recall it.

  • Samo Jurdik
    Samo Jurdik Member Posts: 24
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    In our sales team, we are not using Activities. Unfortunately, the whole performance reporting is based around Activities or Closed deals. For us, the measurement of work is the number of Notes.

    There is one report counting Notes, but it is only counting Notes when written to a Person. We write Notes to Deals. There is no report available which would count Notes in Deals.

    We are unable to track who works how much.