10th of November Webinar Questions

Carolina Santos
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Hi there!

Thank you for participating in our Smart Docs and Professional/ Enterprise Webinar! Here you can find the answers to the questions that we didn't have the opportunity to answer live:

  •  It would be delightful if you could bounce from deal to deal rather than going back to the pipeline everytime. Is that a consideration for the future? It is not currently in our plans, but we will definitely take that feedback. Thank you!
  • Can you talk about lead flow using the lead section? How to track how many calls have been made, SQLs, etc - The best way to do it is to create a custom type of activity for those leads. You can do this in “Company Settings > Activities”. When generating an activity report, you can filter by activity type. 
  • Thank you for your answer, can you show us how to keep track of a license using the product field / revenue field ? Is it included in the advanced plan, or do I need a higher one ? You can track your licenses using a custom field or the revenue field. You don’t need a higher plan to do it. You can find more information about it in our Knowledge Base here: https://support.pipedrive.com/en/article/recurring-revenue-feature
  • If I have a certain task/activity I want to execute to multiple leads, what is the best way to assign them to it and be able to filter by it to track progress? You can create a workflow automation, in order to execute activities for multiple leads. Just use Updated Lead as a trigger and Create an Activity as an action. To generate a report, and track progress you can pull an Activity Report and filter it out by activity type.
  • Can I create different price tables for topic-specific offer items? Currently, Smart Docs pulls all products into one pricing table in a document. As a workaround, once the pricing table is populated in the document you can manually split it into two or more tables. 
  • Is there an API with netsuite to enable automatic flow of certain data fields, like customer revenue? You can find more information about this topic here: https://skyvia.com/data-integration/integrate-netsuite-pipedrive
  •  Do you plan on adding a partner-relationship-management feature? We do not have it in our roadmap yet, but we do have a Project Management tool that can be helpful. I am also happy to join a call, so we can understand what requirements you need and if we could fulfill them.
  • If we are a company part of a group on different verticals, can they all be customizable on different dashboards? Yes, they can. You can do this by creating teams and assigning different dashboards to those teams. 
  • Can you go in depth on the revenue generation tab on Insights? You can find more information about revenue reports here: https://support.pipedrive.com/en/article/insights-reports-revenue-forecast
  • Will there also be fields with different data types? For example: date, place, etc. We are currently researching additional fields in eSignatures, such as date, for example. 
  • Is it a requirement to have e-mail sync set up on PipeDrive to use the e-mail feature and the tracking feature for Smart Docs? You do not need your email synced to use the tracking feature. You can generate a shareable link for a document and then copy and paste that into the communication channel of your choice (email, Whatsapp, for example). 
  • Can you eliminate one column of the product table on Smart Doc by default? When you’re creating a template for products, you first need to add the Product Table field. You can remove columns from the product table in this template, and then this structure will be used by default for all the documents created from this template. Note, you should not add extra rows to the table otherwise it will not populate with the products correctly. 
  •  There are any limitations for use in Smart Docs? for example like the deals that we have a creation limited to 100k (Don't know If get the right number)There are limitations on the number of eSignatures requests. If you have Professional or Enterprise plan you have access to unlimited requests, but reasonable usage applies. If you have the add-on, then you will have 30 or 100 requests per month, depending on the tier you purchased. There is no limit on the number of documents that can be created. 
  •  Can you migrate past proposals from another esig platform? You can upload a PDF of past proposals into Pipedrive. 
  • Is there a way to make numbers print out in text? I.e. $150 (One Hundred Fifty Dollars). Is that possible? Pricing and values in Smart Docs are always in numerical format.
  •  Will it ever be possible to see the job title of a participant (without clicking through) when I'm inside a deal and hovering my mouse over participants' names? It would save so much time if I wouldn't have to click through every time I just want to see what the person's occupation is. Yes, you can do that. When seeing the Participants of a deal, you will have access to a column, and you can edit the columns, adding the “Job title” field.

If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to comment below 😄


  • Joseph Valenti
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    Hello Carolina

    I had understood that Ksenia Chaynikova is the Pipedrive PM responsible for Smart Docs and eSignatures. I regret however that an email I attempted to send to her was bounced as undeliverable.

    May I share the following comments with you with respect to Smart Docs? I regret that the solution is missing some very important elements.

    I am a partner and reseller based in Montreal. I am also a member of the Pipedrive Partners Association.

    I designed a form using Docs.

    1) In the event that a custom-field is blank (ie: it has no data), I am dismayed to see that the variable-name of the custom-field is displayed in the form. I would reasonably have expected this field to be blank. Instead I am seeing a long name of a variable which I must manually remove when it is not populated. Is this the behaviour you expect?

    2) I separately remark that I am asked to place signatures, text fields, dates, checkboxes, initials etc only as a final step.... it seems a template cannot be created which remembers which fields (signature, checkbox, etc) are positioned in the document. As I result, I must manually place these elements into every document, every time. Is there no way to create a template that remembers these placements??

    Each of these limitations would be enough to prevent our customers from investing in a Professional subscription. Do you have plans to address these issues?

    Joseph Valenti

    BrokrBindr, Montreal QC

  • Jess Stacey
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    Hi Joseph,

    My name is Jess and I'm one of the PMs working on Smart Docs.

    Firstly, in the Documents settings you can choose the option to remove unpopulated fields from your documents, this will solve your first problem. https://sharing.pipedrive.com/i/ZeO93Z They are left in by default because some customers preferred to use them as a visual prompt to see where data was missing from the document.

    On your second point, currently you are not able to create a template with signature fields. This is a limitation with the existing feature. We will log your feedback and add it to our research, so we can prioritise this improvement for the future.

    Many thanks for the feedback!