[Feature Request] More fields available in e-mail templates

Thomas Szteliga
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The email templates feature is missing many important fields and could be extended.

For example:

  1. Deal ID - i would like to add the deal ID in the email Subject (for example) or use it in a link (see next suggestion). By saying Deal ID I'm talking about the number at the end of https://contoso.pipedrive.com/deal/428
  2. Other ID's, like Person ID, Organization ID etc.
  3. A possibility to create HTML links with fields (a href). Currently we can't create clickable URL's in email templates (Please note - NOT ALL EMAIL CLIENTS render URL's as clickable links if the mail is an HTML mail) so we need the possibility to create real HTML links (a href).

Others will probably require other additional fields. Please let us know in the comments :-)

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