How to use Pipedrive Activities?


Hi there,

we are trying to make sense of the PD activities.

Let's say we have 3 different meeting types: Qualification, Demo & Follow-Up. We don't want to create 3 different activities for it. Instead we would love to have a single activity for meetings in which you can specify the meeting type.

Same questions for call, we want to have a single call activity but would love to add the call outcome within the activity via a drop-down or something similar.

Thanks for your help here :)


  • Amit Sarda (

    You're confusing activity types with pipeline stages.

    Qualification and Demo should ideally be Pipeline stages.

    Follow up could simply be a call/text/email/video meet (activity tye).

    You can't record activity outcomes in Pipedrive yet.

  • Mathias Gockeln
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    Hi Amrit,

    I don't confuse them with deal stages.

    We simply have different meeting types e.g.

    E.g. The SDR is scheduling and conducting the qualification call before handing it over to the AE. The deal does not exist yet, because the conversation only has been between SDR & prospect. Nevertheless we would call the meeting type Qualification call. I know we could easily just create an activity naming it: "Meeting - Qualification" "Meeting - Demo" "Meeting - Requirements Discussion" "Meeting - Legal Call" "Meeting - Technical Call" etc. It would just blow up the activities. Therefore it would be great to just have one activity for Meetings and define and customize the activity fields.