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Minhaz Moosa
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Hi all,

Is Pipedrive actively working on a native lead-scoring system within Pipedrive?

I feel like this is an extremely important feature that other CRMs have had for a while now.

Pipedrive is a sales-driven CRM and not having a native lead-scoring feature really lets it down.

We really don't want to use a third-party integration on this like Klenty/Zapier/Outfunnel...

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  • Toni_G
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    Hi I am new to Pipedrive but also interested about this topic. Is there a Pipedrive product roadmap update you can share? Is native lead-scoring something Pipedrive is working on?

    I did look into Outfunnel in the Pipedrive Marketplace and as also suggested in one of the other discussion posts here (https://community.pipedrive.com/discussion/9104/track-opens-emails-clicks-reply-and-web-visitors), however after speaking to Outfunnel’s customer support team in the last 6 months they restructured their plans and you now require the ‘Professional Plan’ at a minimum ($119/month and 2,000 active contacts) to gain access the lead scoring and web tracking functionality.

    The previous ‘Starter Plan’ ($19/month) offered some basic lead scoring and website visitor tracking but was since retired/removed. The new entry level ‘Basic Plan’ ($59/month) which replaced it is just data sync and offers no basic lead scoring or website visitor tracking functionality.

    Can anyone in the Community suggest an alternative cost-effective lead scoring solution for a small business in order to achieve a closed-loop feedback system?

    Any feedback or suggestions appreciated.

  • Amit Sarda (AmitSarda.xyz)
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    Outfunnel has some intelligent lead-scoring features to offer.

  • Toni_G
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    Hi Amit, thanks for your message. I think I may have watched some of your Pipedrive videos on Youtube. Agree Outfunnel previously offered more cost effective lead scoring for small business with an entry level package at USD$19/month, but that's no longer the case. There's now an extra 1 out the front at, you need to hand over $USD119/month if you want access to any lead scoring, hence my question are there any other alternative cost-effective lead scoring solutions out there that integrate with Pipedrive.