How to schedule an activity without typing details to recognize them in your outlook agenda?

When you schedule an activity like call, it mentions 'call' in your agenda without any context, although it is linked to a contact who you like to call. Why do you need to type "Call John" to know you need to cal John and having not to look back who do I need to call.



  • These were designed for sales people to work from the activities view inside Pipedrive.

    But you can opt for this setting in your calendar settings:

  • Hi,

    That setting is active, but it doesn't help as in the calendar it is in the meeting notes and not in the meeting title. Its remains just 'Call'.

    I understand the idea but as we're working in multi tool environment and often with multipe projects, clients and stakeholders Pipedrive can only link/sync one account. The base day by day calendar is Office 365.