Is it possible to attach the same activity to multiple deals?

Paige Pennigar
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I have a weekly webinar that prospects can sign up for (instead of a 1:1 demo). Typically, I attach a demo activity to a deal, but in this case multiple prospects might sign up for the same demo/webinar. So that demo/webinar is a single activity in pipedrive, but I need to link it to multiple different deals (different attendees). Is this possible? Am I missing something? I would imagine others like to be able to attach their webinars to multiple deals.


  • ddutra
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    Hello Paige

    I don't think thats possible with the tool as is.

    You could try setting this up using a custom date field that you mass edit.

    PLUS an automation that reacts to this field changes, creates the activity to this date and empties the field.

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