Opportunity to share your company's story with Pipedrive product teams ⏰ Jan 18, 2023

Elis Kaljuvee
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Hey everybody! 👋

We are planning to kick off year 2023 with an internal product teams meet-up which we want to start off with a Customer Panel discussion:

  • online on January 18th at 11:50AM-12:20PM (Estonian time, UTC+2);
  • with the theme “Getting business value with Pipedrive” (i.e.,how Pipedrive has helped you to reach your targets);
  • so that our product teams can get inspired by you and hear directly from you what we need to continue doing to make your business thrive!

There is still room for max 2 more participants.

Who wants to be the lucky one to join the discussion and share your company’s story? 

Let us know in the thread or email me directly: elis.kaljuvee@pipedrive.com

We are really looking forward to hearing your story! 🎬️ 📚️

Elis, User Experience Researcher


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    Hi @Elis Kaljuvee, we are brand new Pipedrive user. Just jumped to it in last couple of days. We got the SW development background, spec. in UI and UX. We you looking for some criticism, let us know.

    We are really unpleasant surprised but many things - basic features which are in Pipedrive unavailable / not supported. Here in Community are repetitive questions and idea posted for years and they are still not implemented - this is really surprising.

    For example:

    Lack of tagging system in Pipedrive!

    • Your "Labels" (only one per record) are not "Tags" (many per records)
    • It's unbelievable that you don't have it. Everyone and everywhere has it. (Google has it, Microsoft has it, you also have it here in the Community) It's a standard for sorting content. Incomprehensible ignorance.

    More then one Person to Deal/Lead? Impossible / unsupported in Pipedrive!

    • Years old, hundreds of requests here in the Community to add this feature. Without positive feedback.
    • That's how life and practice work. Several People and often several Organizations collaborate on all our projects.

    One person for multiple companies? Impossible / unsupported in Pipedrive!

    • Again: Years old, hundreds of requests here in the Community to add this feature. Without positive feedback.
    • Again: That's how life and practice work. CRM customer relationship management. It is not only about my relationship to customer, but also to understand Organizations/People relationship to each other!
    • How do I mark that a person has moved to another company (former employee of company XY)? How do I know this person is a consultant for YZ, he found Companies AA, BB, CC, he is an Business Angel for WW?

    I just watched the Pipedrive Product Talk 2023 on YouTube.

    How happy I was when this question came up on air:

    Q: "Will it be possible to link the same person to multiple Organizations in the future?"

    See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEUA7s5ME8o&t=1965s

    But the response from Pipedrive disappointed me, annoyed me 🤬:

    Answer from Pipedrive representative Shaun Shirazian:

    A: "They are not any plans right now for us to support that use case." 😫

    Vox populi (customers), vox Dei? Reality in Pipedrive: Pipedrive ignores its customers voice.

    • In the previous cases, when here in the Community repeatedly, for many years, requests are made to add some really important, practical, generally established and supported in competing systems feature, and Pipedrive does not add this feature for years, it seams that it does not care about users as much.
    • During the transition to the new system (around September 2022), everything here in the Community was transferred, except for UP VOTES. That is, "Ideas", which certainly had hundreds, if not thousands of UP VOTES, now have one or two votes (but dozens of posts).
    • Previously, Pipedrive gave users a peek at what's planned. It used to be here: https://community.pipedrive.com/feed/whats-planned Canceled. Deleted. Unavailable.

    I could go on, but I have to go to work. Please stop adding fancy features and go back to the roots, to the basics.

    Your company certainly has the capacity to go in the right direction. I believe it will get better soon. And that you will save your charged reputation of a clever CRM.

    Best wishes, good luck. And hopefully you will start listening to us.

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