Opportunity to share your company's story with Pipedrive product teams ⏰ Jan 18, 2023

Elis Kaljuvee
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Hey everybody! 👋

We are planning to kick off year 2023 with an internal product teams meet-up which we want to start off with a Customer Panel discussion:

  • online on January 18th at 11:50AM-12:20PM (Estonian time, UTC+2);
  • with the theme “Getting business value with Pipedrive” (i.e.,how Pipedrive has helped you to reach your targets);
  • so that our product teams can get inspired by you and hear directly from you what we need to continue doing to make your business thrive!

There is still room for max 2 more participants.

Who wants to be the lucky one to join the discussion and share your company’s story? 

Let us know in the thread or email me directly: [email protected]

We are really looking forward to hearing your story! 🎬️ 📚️

Elis, User Experience Researcher

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