Activity Reporting Accuracy

Jakob Thusgaard
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Hi Community,

I feel like the numbers I'm getting in reporting don't always add up. I'm referring to these :

  • number of activities done within a time period;
  • number of emails within a time period;
  • number of activities against activity goal using the Goals feature.

Here are some problems I'm seeing:

  • number of emails is different in the activity report vs the email report;
  • number of activities done is different in the activities done report vs the activities against goals report.

All in all these inconsistencies are not very comforting. Since we need to be able to rely and steer on the basis of these numbers, it's somewhat frustrating that two reports apparently reporting on the same activity generate different numbers.

  1. Do you see the same?, and
  2. what do you do about it?


  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @Jakob Thusgaard this could be due to a few different reasons depending on your personal use. For example, if you refer to numbers for an activity type named "email", that does not make it connected to your sent or received email count. These are separate things in Pipedrive, and you can name and rename your activity types anything you choose.

    If your case is different from this example, it would be best to contact our support team directly. As they will be able to troubleshoot this with you and find out if there is any other reason for your discrepancy in reported numbers.