Automations getting even better: email conditions, new templates, and much more!

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Hei, Pipedrivers! 

We’re working hard to improve our Automations feature with new functionalities to help you save time and close more deals, faster. 

What’s new?

 We’re excited to share with you all the updates we’ve recently released to Automations:

  • Sequences based on email conditions – Create automated sequences based on conditions like email replies or link clicks to keep prospects hooked.
  • Improved templates – Design new workflows in two minutes with a wider selection of ready-made automation templates.
  • Enhanced admin functionalities – As an admin, you now have complete visibility over which workflows your team is building.
  • Revamped list view – Organize automations with brand-new filters and labels and easily find them using the search bar.
  • Delay steps – Add delays of up to 90 days to your automations and ensure you never miss a follow-up.

For whom?

All users with with access to Automations (Advanced plan and above) 

Next steps on Automations roadmap:

And there’s more to come! Here are just a few of the Automations updates you can expect this year:

  • Automatic assignment – Automatically assign high volumes of leads to the right owners so they can follow up quickly and sell more.
  • Ownership transfer – Effortlessly transfer automation ownership from one user to another.
  • Improved sequences – Set up automations with follow-ups perfectly matching the time of specific conditions.

So stay tuned!


  • Amit Sarda (

    Been already using conditions related to email templates in my automation sequences along with the delay step. Works like a charm for now.

  • Emma Melling
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    Being able to trigger an automation based on a date field would be amazing - e.g. 2 months before their renewal date, trigger this automation...

    Or x days post this date (in a custom field) do this...

  • Jesko
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    Thank you, that you are working on automations. The most important automation features for our company are:

    1. When an organization updates, update the deal for that organization (e.g. move the deal to a new phase) (it's sufficient, if that works for the most recently created deal of that organization or if it only works as long as there's exactly ONE deal for that organization)
    2. When a deal updates, associate it with the contact of the assigned organization (again it's sufficient that it only works for the most recently created contact of that organization (=employee) or if it only works if there's exactly ONE contact for that organization).

    If these automation work, it would allow to create many powerful automations, esp. we could create an automation to automatically move deals through the pipeline and send emails to the correct contacts. That would be great value for our company!

    If you need assistance or have questions, feel free to contact me any time!

  • lionfarmer
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    One tweak I would like to see is: When replying or forwarding an email in the Pipedrive mail interface, Pipedrive drops the new email to the bottom of the thread. I assume many of the Pipedrive subscribers use Outlook, where the new email is at the top of the thread. It is confusing. Pipedrive requires me to scroll down to find the new email.

    I just checked with support and they said there is nothing they can do about this unless it is re-programmed.

  • Mathias Brask
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    @Jesko +1 for that.

    @lionfarmer +1 for that. It is so confusing...

  • Steven Taylor
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    Would automations replace the very few automations I have running in Zapier?? ie. When new Deal is opened, generate sequenced deal number,

    When deal number is issued open named and numbered folder in, a named and numbered folder in EVERNOTE, a named and numbered folder in gmail, add a named and numbered line in Google Sheet?

    A Zapier is flaky at generating consistently... now they want me to add a 2 minute gap after the number is created it is less than practical...

  • Marcin Kwiecinski
    Marcin Kwiecinski Member Posts: 2
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    I would like to have possibility to have following automation:

    When Deal is won, update Deal's Organization "Sum of all closed deals" custom field

    When Deal is won, update Deal's Organization "Last deal won" custom field

    Both of this scenarios are currently unavailable in Automations and it's dissapointig as it looks as quite easy automation.

  • Mathias Brask
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    Automations based on products, would be awesome.

    When deal contains "this X product" and "is won"; do Y

    When product with "this/these tags" are updated, do ....