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Hey I have a question regarding automation and setting deal value.  Now for reporting purposes we will be duplicating deals with Automation. But at the same time I would not like the deal to be counted 2x in terms of turnover.  In my own small head I thought if it told the Automation to mark deal value as 0 and I would be done with it, but seems it does not work that way.

I also tried messing around with the automation steps order, thought maybe that was the problem. Tried putting 1 in stead of 0 as deal value as well, thinking that might help. Even losing the product from the original deal in this case would be okay (if that comes along with getting the deal value to 0).

Any suggestions on how to solve this issue? Rest of the automation works so probably it is not wrong setup (but you can never be too sure in anything in this world, right?).  Could not upload a file through the post so I will share the link to my automation screenshot:

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    Hi @Heikko Gross , thank you for detailing your use case so well and for sending a screenshot of your automation, it really helps!

    What you want to achieve has to be done using a bit of a ninja trick, which is to say: you need to split this into 2 separate automations.

    • Automation 1: creates the Deal Duplicate (it's the automation you've already created, minus the last 2 actions).
    • Automation 2: changes the value of the New/Duplicated Deal (see example below).
    Automantion 2

    By default all duplicated deals contain "copy" at the end of their title, so this is how you teach the second automation to recognize and catch the duplicate deal created by the first automation. Then in the action you put the value to zero, which will indeed remove the value that was duplicated from the original deal. Depending on what your final goal is, you might want to also change the status of the duplicated deal to Open instead of Won, and move it to a different stage and/or pipeline (see example above).

    The reason why it wasn't working for you is because the 2nd and 3rd actions of your original automation are triggered exactly as the same time as the 1st. Currently it's not possible to create "waterfall" actions (where Action A triggers Action B and so on), all actions are triggered simultaneously by the initial trigger.

    I believe it's in our plans to have this "waterfall" option in automations in the future, so I've forwarded your suggestion internally and recommend you join our Research and Beta Testing group if you'd like to have access to early versions of new Pipedrive features coming up.

    Hope that helped and happy automation! 🚀