Entire automation workflow for Real Estate

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We are a professional company based in Belgium that has set up an 

entire automation workflow for Real Estate. We give free consultations as a service solution provider partner of Pipedrive.

We have created a database that synchronizes with Pipedrive to manage al your data. We push it to several workflows into Pipedrive and other systems.

We collect data from:

  • Lead platforms (seller leads)
  • Social media platforms (seller & buyer leads)
  • Your personal real estate website (incoming data: buyer & seller leads)
  • Real estate platform requests visits (incoming data: buyer & seller leads)

We push data to following flows in Pipedrive:

  • Follow-up flow
  • Prospection flow
  • Home valuation flow
  • Preparation (marketing) flow
  • Visits for sale
  • Visits for rental
  • Visits for Newbuild
  • Billing workflow
  • Or custom flows

We connect data with:

  • Your preferred billing system
  • Your CRM to manage your properties ( you don't need to work with a CRM)
  • Email marketing software to trigger flows
  • One-time emails for follow-up notifications before and after appointments

We can always do a free online call to see how we can help you. Visit our website www.amai.immo or book a free call true this link: https://calendly.com/future-marketing-agency/online-meeting-001