Product Questions - Import and Pricing Variations

Nick Petolick
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Good afternoon,

We are attempting to start loading in products to our new pipedrive instance. I have 2 questions about products and how to set them up.

Pricing Setup

We are in the insurance industry and have products that have multiple "levels" (called benefit levels). When setting up a product, It appears I only have the option to have one price associated with that product with the same currency. How can I build out a product that can include multiple levels for the product? Or will I need to create a different product per benefit level.

Here is an example of one of our product builds and the pricing. This is one product with multiple pricing variations.

$54.00 / per Month | Member

$111.00 / per Month | Member plus Spouse

$113.00 / per Month | Member plus Children

$164.00 / per Month | Family

Additional question - I'm looking for an import template for products and am unable to locate one specific to products. Is anyone able to provide me the schema? Much appreciated.

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    Hi there,

    this is named variations.

    First you need to set up the product and then you can add variations.

    For a schema to import products just set up one product in the way you need it and then go to the products site and set it up that you see all the needed informations. Then click on "export the list".

    Now you can add more products to the list and import it.