Possibility to export all data has been gone, where can I find it?


Dear all,

I just tried to make an XLSX export with all PipeDrive data via More / Export but suddenly this feature is gone.

I am aware of the other possibility to download data (via fe Deals / ... / Export filter results) but I require the format of the wider Export. Any suggestions on how I can get the exporting possibility back?


  • Amit Sarda (AmitSarda.xyz)

    I don't recall there being an ability to export ALL data.

    Worth exploring Coupler IMHO to remove the manual overhead of exporting each object one by one.

  • Scott Thielman
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    I'm also looking for this feature because it did exist previously. I have previous exports of our data from several years ago. How do we get our entire data package from Pipedrive now? Exporting a series of reports?