Manage country for Contacts as a code not as a text

In Pipedrive, "Country of address" is a kind of magic field that is filled automatically by Google when your type the address or when you import contacts.

If you use Pipedrive with the UI in French, the country field is filled in French. If your UI is in english, the field is filled in English. So you have some contacts from Germany with Country field set to "Allemagne" and some with "Germany".

What a pain when you want to filter contacts based on their country! This is a very important use case when you have an international sales team with each individual using Pipedrive in their native language.

BTW, it is not possible to bulk edit contacts to reassign only the Country.

It is not possible neither to import the country field. It will be automatically deduced from the address.

So I propose that Pipedrive either:

  • use a country ISO code internally and display the country according to the user UI language
  • or let user edit the field including in Bulk edit
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