"Oops. Something went wrong"- How to reach out to support?

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I started using the trial version but I'm unable to do anything. Nothing works.

I contacted support via chatbot, which keeps on a loop asking the same questions. I also tried to reach out to support via email, but I got an automatic message telling me to look for "Something is not loading/Page/tool is not loading." on the chat topics. I'm not finding anything like that.

How do I speak/ chat with a human?

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  • Andreia Costa
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    Hi @mpchris 👋

    Sorry to hear about the difficulty you had! Let me provide some information about this.

    Pipedrive support has a dedicated team of human support professionals to address specific queries that require personal attention like technical issues. At the same time, we also have digital support tools that significantly expedite issue resolution by guiding users to relevant resources and solutions without the need for direct human intervention.

    These digital tools are particularly effective when it comes to activities such as connecting with a sales representative, checking the availability of services, consulting on specific matters, or reporting technical issues directly to our engineering team. Human representatives are available when something is not working - technical issues.

    From what you said, it seems that feedback was given about what is the right selection so you receive assistance - you should look for “something is not working” or “page not working” and these options are available when speaking to the bot.

    I hope this provides some clarity!

  • mpchris
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    Hi Andreia,

    I wanted to use Pipedrive because I was already used to it.

    However, because of this issue, I started using another CRM. I tested two before this one and the support was and is amazing — simple and effective.

    It scared me a lot to need help and not even be able to speak with anyone, other than a bot. And then, reaching out to support via email, and receiving an automated message that doesn't help me at all is even more frustrating.

    Despite your will to help, your answer wouldn't help me if I was using the CRM.

    Thank you anyway. Have a great day.