Calendar Sync Needs to NOT Pull in Activities from External Calendar

Currently, the Two-Way Calendar Sync has a big flaw: it copies over external calendar items into Pipedrive as Activities. This is NOT necessary, as we do not need all of our calendar items pushed to Pipedrive as Activities. We only need to be able to see what is in the external calendar so that we can know when to schedule an Activity in Pipedrive.

Preferred workflow and the breakdown:

  • Calendar Sync is turned on (we are asking folks to only use One Way Sync as to not gum up the system with all their Outlook items)
  • Someone wants to add an Activity, but they cannot see their Outlook items in the right-side calendar view (because we are only using One Way Sync)
  • An Activity is added, and the Sync pushes it to Outlook (this works great)

Would it be possible to add a checkbox that says "Do not copy external calendar items to Pipedrive as Activities"?

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