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Bernd Auer
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There are a couple of things which should be managed by the admins especially in larger companies. In some cases for usability reasons, in some cases there are security issues.

1) Signature templates: The admin should be able to define one signature template which is filled automatically with user data (I know, a user directory is a precondition. But Pipedrive should build this anyways. Compare:

2) Mandatory 2FA also for other tiers then Enterprise.

3) Visibility for emails should be set on "private" or "shared" for everyone.

4) Visibile items on the navigation bar (and maybe set a standard view).

5) Order of the items in the sidebar

6) Installation of third party apps

7) App specific individual API token

8) Block Contact Sync

9) Rename Users

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  • Bjørn-Henning Opheim

    Also rename users that dont use their whole name.

  • Joseph Valenti
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    These are all MUCH-NEEDED improvements for Admins.

    I would add one:

    The Admin should be able to define standard views for regular users.

    When any salesperson logs in, by default in this account, she/he will land in a Deal-view with the filters/columns determined by the Admin. Any salesperson can of course create their own views and filters but the Admins should be able to control initial conditions.

  • Bernd Auer
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    @Bjørn-Henning Opheim Thanks, I added it to the list.

    @Joseph Valenti I get this a lot from our customers. Even if I am not a huge fan of it. But I understand the need. I added it to point 4 and 5.


  • Motii Team
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    All options mentioned here would be a big improvement for larger teams in Pipedrive. Many larger teams who are migrating from CRMs such as Salesforce expect these items to able to be easily mandated at admin level