Emails in timeline deleted when email address is changed / deleted



We have a problem with the email synchronisation, it's working too good. We often see that leads quit at one customer and join another customer. Or the company changes its name and email domain. That way we have a new emailadress for the same lead.

We want to 'archive' their old email address so the old emails stay in their pipeline since it can contain relevant information. Adding multiple email addresses and changing the label is confusing for my colleagues.

Is there a way to keep the old email address, but not make it visible in the lead's profile?

Hope to get an answer, thanks!


  • Andreia Costa
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    Hi @Nathalie van der Waard 👋

    I've been trying to think of a possible solution here, but I don't think there's a solution without having to take some action like using a label to "archive" the label. I do think that would be the best approach and then you could create a new label with the updated information.

    Now, this would require that you use labels often to filter results so I can understand it might not be ideal. And we can't delete any information because items are eventually permanently deleted. So if you don't want to use the label idea, maybe you duplicate the Lead and add an "old" to the name/title and "new" to the new updated one. You would still need to filter information or make sure that only the new lead is being used, but it's another idea!

    Maybe someone in the future can come up with another possibility! But I'll leave my suggestion here in case it might help someone else.