can i revert an update or changelog?

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unfortunately last week we made a really bad mistake. we wanted to export the deals that entered the CRM on 1/1/2023 and after so we can add pieces of information on it. and then import it back.

the problem is...when importing the deals we mistook Pipelines Mapping, so the thousands of deals entered ( by default ) the first pipeline. so we had to revert the import. After reverting, all the deals were updated as if they had entered the pipeline and stage they were at. on the day we reverted it.

to make it more clear: we did the reverting on Thursday 30 Nov. Now if we want to see our progress and when a certain deal got to the pipeline or stage, we will always find it on Thursday 30 Nov. so we will never know how we did on on a certain month or week since 1/1/2023. cuz the updates of PIpeline and stage entering will always be on Thursday 30 Nov.

I'm wondering if there is something to do about it. I chatted with the support but so far there is nothing.

and it's really something challenging to us cuz we're a data-driven company.


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    Hi @Khalid

    We had the same problem, but you can't automatically change the dates of the data you import. I can offer a suggestion like this, you can open a section on when the agreement was created in the Data fields section and enter the date there, and I think you can sort your data by these fields and get an effective result. If there is a response from the support department, will you please let me know?

    Best Regards