Priority Labels for Activities BETA

Vincent Jyrwa
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Dear Pipedrive Community 

If you are interested in being part of the BETA for Activities Priority labels, please share your email address and we will enable this feature for your Pipedrive account(s) with which that email address is associated.

You can enter your email address here ->

With this functionality, you will be able to:

  • Assign a priority to activities (high, medium, low, none)
  • Filter and sort your activities based on priorities on the activities list view
  • Automate activities with priority labels (either as a trigger or as a condition)
  • View priority labels on the calendar, deal detail and pipeline views

We will enable this feature within 1-2 working days since you've submitted that form.

You can then leave feedback as a comment to this post.

Thank you 



  • Purnima
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    Just tried to register and it is forcing me to use a google email. I don't use that for my account so how can I get that added please?


  • Purnima
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    Hi @Vincent Jyrwa - could you let me know if that has been done please? would love to be testing this in the next few days. Thank you

  • I am ready to test this feature

  • Purnima
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    Hi @Vincent Jyrwa and @Manuel Oliveira

    Could you let me know when this will be added. Not sure what the issue is with switching this on?

    Many thanks


  • Alexander
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    I signed up for this three times already. Any update as to when it will become effective?

  • dannybrian
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    I've signed up for this two times. Can I get added to it please?

  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi everyone; the feature is now enabled for those who requested it. Rollout will continue throughout January 2024.

  • Purnima
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    I have tested the priority for activities. The Red and Amber colours are fine, but blue looks wrong for Low. I believe it should be green as they fit in with the RAG statuses that many of us are used to.

    most ous are used to using RAG statuses. I am not keen on the indicators on them either. they are odd. How about not using the indicator at all?

    I still think each activity needs to be able to have labels for them. I know there are types for calls, meetings etc, but for me, if I have labels that are independent of the priority such as effort is low, impact is high, I have a chance to sort and filter easier.

    Priority is important but so are the other factors on a task.

    Appreciate that priority has been added and whilst good, I really would like labels to be added as well.



  • Looks feedback:

    There is no way of showing this label in the Activity list - only other labels.

    In the activity the the priority button takes up a complete row and reduces radabilty on smaller screens. Could perhaps be together with Map or so. ?

  • dannybrian
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    Love this! quick question, is their plans for us to edit these labels in the future like we can do with the other labels?

  • Purnima
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    I hope so, my original suggestion was for labels so that I could use the Eisenhower Matrix to prioritise which is why I wanted labels to indicate different elements including effort and impact and then do first, schedule, etc etc.

    BPAVTG Member Posts: 4
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    Yes please include me :)))

  • Fabian Unger
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    Very usefull feature, but one thing I noticed:

    When I marked an activity as done the colored priority label remains and still has its original color, so while looking over the calendar or the deal it is still VERY visible although the activity is done already. That makes it harder to spot a priority that needs to be still done.

    If the priority label of a done activity would turn gray/becomes transparent, or any way to make it less visible, it would be easier to spot prioritised activities that still need to be done.

  • Gustavo Costa
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    Good day,

    Dear Team,

    In Google Workspace is possible to automatically put a label when receiving one email from a company word or email,

    Is more easy to check in the email box.

    Is it possible to make the same ?

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