Pipedrive and Google Sheets Integration (HIPAA Compliant)

I have a large amount of HIPAA sensitive data on Google Sheets. I want to integrate and automate relationships between the data on Google Sheets and the data I have in Pipedrive, but Zapier is not HIPAA compliant. Does anyone know of an alternative to Zapier for these needs? Or, has anyone found any creative work-arounds for this particular issue?

Thanks to anyone in advance who put time towards my question.

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  • Jared
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    @Mitch C. One option would be to use unique record identifiers to link the records so that all PHI is unrelated to the record.

    Sheet A would house all the PHI in Google Sheets. Each record would be assigned a unique identifier value to each record i.e 0045677

    Sheet B would store all the non-PHI data. First Name, Last Name, Email, and any other items you have. But it would have a column where you store the unique identifier "0045677" that would link them to the PHI on the other sheet/workbook, and it would also have a column for the "deal id" so that you could reference that in any automations.

    Lastly, Zapier would update the records within Pipedrive based on changes to the records.

    If you'd like to talk more through this, please don't hesitate to let me know.


  • Jared
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    @Mitch C. with HIPPA Compliance, you would need all the software solutions used to be HIPPA compliant, right? Last time I checked, Pipedrive was not HIPPA compliant and had no BAA.


    “Pipedrive is committed to be HIPAA compliant eventually, but there are still steps to take.” - Pipedrive Community 2021

    You could separate the HIPPA data and the NON-HIPPA Data in your Google Sheet, and then Zapier would only have access to the Non-HIPPA Data.

    **Non HIPPA Data**

    "The information HIPAA protects is all individually identifiable health information that relates to an individual´s past, present, or future medical condition, treatment for medical conditions, and payment for treatments."


    This would allow you to create Pipedive automation without breaching HIPPA rules.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

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    @Jared Thank you for your response! I don't use Pipedrive to house any sensitive information, and importantly, no PHI. My hope was that there would be a HIPAA compliant software that could manage the information and form indirect relationships on both Sheets and Pipedrive. I would mostly want the non-PHI information from Pipedrive organized and exported to Sheets to be used in my reports.

    An example of how I would want Sheets to impact Pipedrive would be if certain qualifiers were met in Sheets. I would like for changes to be made in a particular deal's progression in Pipedrive (in this case no PHI would be input into Pipedrive, but PHI in Sheets would inform the organization of Pipedrive through a 3rd software).

    Would this be feasible?

    Thank you for your time and thought!