Managing skills of freelancers via contacts

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We would like to manage freelancers related to our company via Pipedrive. One desired feature is to manage their skills via a dedicated field.

The ideal workflow for us is the following: Based on their recent project, we would like enter technologies, frameworks, and any other skill in a separat field. If we start enter a new entry in this field, the system should suggest on the current input similar skills/entries. The user should be able to choose one of the suggest entries or to create a new entry. Any new entry should be added to the set of already existing entries.

Is such a feature planed for the near future? I know this is very similar to the often requested tagging feature.

Bye the way, does anyone know how to call such a feature?

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  • Andreia Costa
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    Hi @Oliver 👋

    The type of field you need is not something we currently have, so I would suggest you pass that feedback in the Ideas and Product Feedback section so that other users can upvote that.

    The autocomplete is a great idea, but like you said, it will only allow for 1 field. You can add more information of course, but it will add another field with that information. Then, a multiple-option field doesn't allow for all users to simply add a new option - the option would need to be manually added to the field in the "Data Fields" section.

    I'd suggest maybe checking if the multiple options would work and adding the options to the field, apart from that, please make sure to share the field idea!


  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi Oliver, have you tried using an Autocomplete custom field? This type of field auto-fills text based on previous inputs in that field.

  • Oliver
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    Hi @Manuel Oliveira,

    Yes, I did. But if I am not mistaken, the field takes only one value, but I need many.

    Possible values could be: CSS, Java, Go, JavaScript

    It would be nice to be able to have autocompletion here to avoid to many differently spelled entries for the same to ensure a better quality of the data entered.

  • Oliver
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    Hello @Andreia Costa ,

    thank you for your detailed answer. For now having multiple fields, one for each value, will not help us so much, as we even don't know how many different values we will have.

    I will write a post today for the idea section of the community forum.