Please provide a Multi Label Field with Autocompletion

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In the discussion "Managing skills of freelancers via contacts"

I asked for a field with the following characteristics:

  • Add multiple labels via keyboard to field
  • Provide autocompletion for already existing labels based on my whole dataset
  • Allow the user to search this field for the occurance of one or more labels
  • A label could contain whitespace

The rational behind my feature request is, that we have some, let us call it resources, which can have multiple features. For example on person is able to programm in Java and JavaScript. So I would like to assign two labels to this person: Java and JavaScript. As this might be a very dynamic process, e.g. I would like for some reason to distinguish between Java 17 and Java 22 right now. Therefore I think labels or something like this would be the best solution.

Adding such a field type to Pipedrive would provide a very useful feature to the whole community.

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