Is there a way that PD calculates a commission

Christoph Suwelack
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Is there a way that PD calculates a commission, let's say of 5% on every won sale??


  • Boris Tsibelman
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    Pipedrive does not have the ability to do calculated fields.

    You can set this up using Zapier

    Once deal is stage = won >> update field [formula: amount x 0.05]

  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @Christoph Suwelack !

    Currently there's no way to have Pipedrive do calculations for you, but you can create custom fields in your deals where you manually put in the profitability of the deal, the profit margin, the commission percentage for the sales person, etc. You can even combine this with @Boris Tsibelman 's suggestion above and have Zapier populate the result of your calculation into that custom field.

    I can also tell you that calculation fields are something that's been in our mind, especially related to Products and Deals in general (things like profit margin), so let's see what the future brings. I've forwarded your suggestion internally for consideration. 🚀


  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @Christoph Suwelack , there is a new formula fields feature that helps you with this! Have a look here