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Edie Mew
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For some time now the way you open a new support chat has been tricky...most of the time I press the button to pull up the side panel, I then click chat to support and no pop up box opens. I have told support about this before, they did tests etc but its not been fixed


  • Sophie
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    Hi @Edie Mew,

    I'm sorry to hear about your issues with opening a new support chat, sometimes this issue can be caused by browser extensions or computer settings.

    We first recommend general troubleshooting steps to see if that corrects the issue-

    • Clear your cache- How do I clear my browser's cache and cookies?
    • Check that your browser is up to date with the latest version
    • Try this in a completely different browser to see if you still experience the same thing
    • Try this in an incognito browser
    • Remove any new browser extensions to see if that corrects the issue

    We also recommend trying to get a screen recording of this behavior so we can see the exact steps that are being taken on your side.

    Once you have this screen recording and have tried the troubleshooting steps, kindly reach out to support with this information so we can continue to investigate the issue further with our engineers!

    I hope this helps for the moment!

  • Indesmatech
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    I experience a similar problem. Chat only works if I clear cache and cookies, but so damn annoying I have to do it every time I need to contact support. I have some extension on Chrome, but I have had them for many years and never experienced problems like this. I have been using Pipedrive for some months now, yet this problem only just occurred after new years. Have you made any updates or changes to the software?