Data Import Question - Are Email Addresses Handled Like Phone Numbers?

Chad Massaker
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From this KB article:

Mapping phone numbers

When importing your contact's phone number, you have the option to select the phone label you want to map to Pipedrive. If you have multiple phone numbers for a contact, you can map the phone field multiple times.


Can I do the same with email addresses? If not, how can I import multiple email addresses for a contact without having to add a custom field(s)?


  • Tony Xavier
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    Hello @Chad Massaker,

    If you wish to import contacts with multiple email addresses, you can follow a logic similar to that of phone numbers. Having two separate or more separate columns for email addresses and mapping the label while importing

    Once the data is imported, it will be shown as follows in Pipedrive:

    Additionally, if the labels are unimportant, i.e., all email addresses can have the same label, you can use a comma to separate the email addresses and have them within the same column/cell. Pipedrive will automatically split the email addresses and assign the same label option.