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Dear Pipedrive Team,

could you please please in the very very near future make it possible to add outcomes to activities?

Right now I can only track "DONE" activities or I delete them. But what about failed activities?

The client didn't show up. The person did not pick up the phone.

This would be so so so so so necessary for a CRM and is DEFINITELY a MAJOR KPI for all sales reps...

Pipedrive is so useful and has so many features that are so well thought through.

How can this be missing?

I have been googling and this is a feature that people have requested in this community since more than 3 years now.

So please please add this feature to activities. Either we can custom define this or there is a standard set at least for Appointments / Meetings and for Calls –> that we can then also track in pipedrive statistics.

It is so useful to see if people often don't come to an appointment.

It is so useful to see if people are never picking up the phone.

Thank you very much!



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    Hi @Hefe , if I understand your case, have you tried having custom activity types for those outcomes? For example, creating a custom activity type called “no show” to be used when a client doesn’t show up. So you can change the activity type when that happens, and close the activity. This way, you can still report on these events.