Disconnect leads from column created during the migration from Salesforce

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We just migrated from Salesforce to Pipedrive using the Import2 plugin.

We now have 2 stage columns imported from Salesforce:

  • Closed Lost
  • Closed Won

In the PD pipeline, they are empty as the Deals in them are Lost/Won, so they disappear from the pipeline.

We would like to get rid of those 2 kanban columns that are useless in the pipeline data viz.

But the only options we have are:

  • Delete the deals (no! we want to keep them)
  • Move the deals to another stage column (no! it doesn't solve the issue and just move the deals to another stage column)

How can we fix it?


  • Tony Xavier
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    Hello @DR,

    As we have the option to create multiple Pipelines, you could try to maintain the existing Pipeline with the lost and won deals and create a new Pipeline with the stages (kanban columns) as you prefer. Once you have the new Pipeline and stages, you could also try to move the won and lost deals to the respective stages in the new Pipeline for better organisation.

    Alternatively, you could also try to keep the won and lost stages and add other required stages in the same Pipeline. You can learn more about creating and editing stages here