currentTimeIndicator should only show on today

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This is something that has been bugging me for quite a while now. The currentTimeIndicator (the red line indicating, not surprisingly, the current time, see image below) shows on every day. It makes sense to show it on Today, but for every other day, it's only confusing.

Look at the image below. Today is Friday 2/23, in the image I'm adding an activity for Saturday March 3/2. Obviously it's not 12:47 on Saturday the 2nd of March now.

Here's my confusion. When I'm adding an activity and I move to another day, it still shows the indicator. More than once this has freaked me out by thinking that I was missing a meeting or a deadline (while I was not, because that event was another day of course, pfew!)

Is there any use case that I'm missing why one would have the current time displayed on any day other than today? If not, my suggestion would be to remove it from all other days.

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