Does Pipedrive support exist?

I can't get any support. The bot is useless and you just go in circles and no reply from the support email. Any ideas from anyone?

I like Pipedrive but I don't think I can bring it into the business if there is zero support!


  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @Jarrett Truscott , welcome to the Pipedrive community! Though I’m sorry to learn you had trouble navigating the support bot.

    If you reached out to our support team’s email address,, they’ll be sure to get back to you soon. In the meantime, can you please share more details on what you need support with? Not only might the community be able to help you, but your feedback will also help us make the support bot more effective.

  • Jarrett Truscott
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    Hi @Manuel Oliveira, I did Email the support email but it came back saying this channel is unavailable and to use the bot which is yet to produce anything adequate and leads me back to square one every time.

    I'm pretty shocked at how bad the support is and it is difficult to justify using a product that just leaves you in the dark.

    Any other suggestions to get an actual answer from someone in the organisation?