Campaigns: 3 Major Drawbacks Needing Immediate Dev Attention

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Campaigns are great - I love the metrics and the ability to easily see their history in the contact view. However, there are two major drawbacks I would love to see resolved:

1) I am unable to send an old campaign to new and/or specific individuals. The current workaround is to literally send a campaign to myself, then forward it later. However, this skews the open/click metrics and I'm unable to gain those valuable insights. This happens inevitably each month as we secure new Pipedrive contacts that would like to the most recent Hashpower Investor Letter.

2) there is no way for someone to sign up for my Newsletter ("campaign") on their own via web form or similar. This is something I suggested a while back and ask y'all to upvote.

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    Hi @Hashpower thank you for the feedback! I have moved it to the Feedback section so it can be upvoted by members and also seen by our product team