Activities created via automation show up on my calendar but not on the Contacts Page

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My Automation creates a activity to "call the prospect in 1 day" I ran the automation today and the call showed on my calendar however not on the Contact page.

I was hoping to go to the Lead contact page and see the email that was sent and the activity for tomorrow.

Is this an error or does the automation not populate activities created on the specific Contact page?


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    This could be a limitation of the automation system you're using. Some automation systems might not automatically associate activities created through automation with the corresponding contact or lead record. You may need to configure your automation to ensure that activities are properly linked to the appropriate contact or lead records. Alternatively, you could check the settings or documentation of your automation system to see if there's a specific configuration option for associating activities with contact or lead records. If you're still unsure, reaching out to the support team for your automation platform for assistance would be advisable.