Email conversation view



  • Luke at Deep Space
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    I would like ability to temporarily switch off conversation view as well...

  • Johan de Groot
    Johan de Groot Member Posts: 1
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    Is this on the roadmap? Email is hard to navigate in the conversion view.

  • KevinL
    KevinL Member Posts: 1
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    I'm with everyone else on this. Please make conversation view an option. It stops me from being able to use email within Pipedrive.

  • BDK
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    Can we have an update on the ability to turn off conversation view in Pipedrive? I see this has been requested by users for over a year now. If this has been resolved please share how I turn conversation view off. Thank you

  • Anchoright
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    I've only just subscribed to the email system in Pipedrive and the way emails are displayed is dangerous. I've already missed some customer communications due to the crazy way it is displayed. This needs to be resolved as without a solution I'd be inclined to move to another CRM for everything.