Using Zapier to send Slack DMs to Activity Owner?

Jacob Leffler
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I’ve tried Zapier to send a Slack DM to an Activity Owner.

The To: box wants me to select either a specific Slack user OR a field from Pipedrive. I would love to choose Pipedrive:“Activity Owner Name” and have that match to the Slack user associated with that owner name.

Does any one know if that is possible?


  • Amit Sarda (
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    You need the Slack ID of each user and then use the lookup table in Zapier.

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    Yes, it's possible to achieve this using Zapier's integration capabilities. You can set up a Zap (automation) that triggers when a new activity is created in Pipedrive. Then, you can use a filter or a lookup table to match the Pipedrive "Activity Owner Name" with the corresponding Slack user and send a direct message to them. This way, you can automate the process of sending Slack DMs to the activity owners based on their names in Pipedrive.