Event in Zapier: Updated Activity? doesn't exist

We have successfully used the "New Activity" event to notify team members when they are assigned to an activity (using Slack DM notification through Zapier). Our goal is now to notify users when an activity is updated...ideally because that activity has now be assigned to them specifically.

There are a number of instant events (see screenshot below), but Activities do not have an "Updated Activity" event.

I tried mimicking this using a activity filter for "Activities where Update Time is now", but that just creates a race condition where Zapier doesn't check the filter while that activity quickly exists in that filter.

Any other thoughts on how we can achieve the same functionality?


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    Hey Jacob, if I'm understanding correctly, I think this could be accomplished by integrating Slack inside Pipedrive and just using a workflow and save yourself the zaps. Have you tried creating a workflow in Pipedrive for "Activity updated"? and more specifically if you wanted to only send the Slack notification when the assigned user changed, you can do the "Activity assigned user has changed" as shown below.

    Maybe I'm missing something, but if something like that wouldn't work, have you tried creating an outbound webhook for the activity object? It's in the Tools & Apps → Webhooks section in Pipedrive. I'd think that would do the trick to send Zapier any updates.

    Hope this helps

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    I've tried the automation in Pipedrive, and there were two problems:

    (1) Pipedrive doesn't allow you to specify which user to send the Slack DM to…so everything goes to the Dealbot, and anyone with the Dealbot gets every message whenever an Activity is reassigned. This is not an individualized DM.

    (2) Even if Pipedrive allowed us to specify which user, the Pipedrive integration with Slack does not connect the Pipedrive user with the Slack user id…so it wouldn't know which Slack ID to DM. In Zapier, I was able to get around that by creating a Table that mapped the Pipedrive User IDs with the Slack IDs. This works great for the "New Activity" Event…but since there is no "Updated Activity" event, it doesn't solve the whole use case.

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    I see what you mean about the Slack messages, I never tried doing any private messages.

    I believe a webhook will be your best bet. Instead of using Pipedrive actions as the trigger inside Zapier, use a Zapier webhook and take that URL Zapier gives you and put it in Pipedrives webhooks section where you can have the event trigger for added/updated/merged/deleted.