Work around with automatisations for the problem of due dates in project activities?

We do have a strong issue with projects-date-dependency:

  • if you are using a project-template, it always has a starting date.
  • Once you are not 100% sure about the starting date (as it is always a bit dependend on the client), or when some steps get dalyed, you do have a problem with all the activities pre-defined in the used template. Because, they will all delay and and it makes a huge mess, for the whole team.

It would be so helpful to make a change in the settings like:

1) changing of the starting date of a project and therewith automatically change accordingly all the pre-set activieties to a later date!


2) link the next activity's due date to the completion of the last activity, i.e. activity "contracts sent" has been changed to "done" - Create an activity (or change the due date of the existing activity) 2 days from the completion of "contracts sent"/(last activity).

Does anyone have a solution, on how to make a work around automatisation for that issue?


  • Tony Xavier
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    Hello @sarastich,

    That is great feedback for the project templates. Please share this in the Ideas and Product Feedback channel to raise awareness of the request.

    As for workarounds with workflow automation, if you do not have many activities in your project workflow, you can try to set up automation for each activity. The logic would be that completing one specific activity would trigger the creation of the next one, and you would not need to use the templates at all for activities.

    In your case, if 'contracts sent' is the first activity, you can set an automation to create this activity when the project start date is updated. When the "contracts sent' activity is marked as done, the second automation will be triggered, creating the next activity. The second automation setup would look something like this:

    This would only be practical if you do not have a large number of Activities, as each activity would require a dedicated automation setup, and we would not be able to create tasks with this workaround. Hope this helps!