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Hey everyone!

We use a separate application right now to send a more in depth questionnaire to clients during an onboarding process. Can Pipedrive do this instead? It's a basic short answer format questionnaire, no multiple choice formatting. Just a text question and a box for the response. Our current software tool shows us when that is complete which is super helpful. 

Anyone have any experience with Pipedrive doing this or an integration? 


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    Hi @Luke Jackson !

    You can use Pipedrive's web forms for this, they're very easy to set up and you can have them be a standalone online page, or embed them in your own website if you prefer. 

    The types of custom fields supported are: text, single-option, or multiple-option type from your People, Organizations, and Deals can be documented in web forms.

    I can also tell you that we're working to give our web forms even more abilities as we speak, so join our Research and Beta Testing channel  and you'll be the first to know what's coming down the line, as well as getting the chance to test out early versions and give us feedback. 🚀

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