Trouble importing email addresses into Person type

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I am importing some leads from a CSV file. In the Mapping view, pipedrive wasn't able to identify the field is an email, so I mapped the Person→Email data field to that field. However, in the test import (where I see the first 3 rows), I don't see the email addresses getting imported. Does the input data need to be a certain format for pipedrive to be able to ingest it as an email field?


  • Sophie
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    Hi Manu,

    Pipedrive doesn't have email-type custom fields so any data added to those custom fields will appear as a text field. However, I would be happy to submit this as feedback internally!

    The only field that will appear as an actual email field will be the default email field linked to the person contacts in your account. As long as you have an email address in that field, when importing it should populate as an email field!